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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Benefits of Stretching


Stretch relaxes us and relieves us of the daily accumulated muscle tension. We think that stress, fatigue and stress overloads cause muscle stiffness and pain. The muscle contracts due to accumulation of toxins.

Stretching able to recover normal muscle tone, release toxins and leave the circulation flow, reduce fatigue and provide a sense of relief well.

All those people who stay a long time sitting in front of a computer or television, should stretch regularly.

It is also important to stretch after physical exercise because, with them, eliminate toxins and regain normal muscle tone, lubricate the joints (stretching generate an increase in intra-articular synovial fluid production).

The emotions, anxiety, distress, are the source of origin of muscle stiffness. The muscle fatigue does not eliminate until it relaxes and extends back to its normal length, allowing blood to flow freely.
Types of stretching:

1. Static: Try to reach and maintain a position without making other moves. It is easy to do, spend little energy and maintain the control of movement. This type of stretching especially facilitates the reduction of stiffness.

2. Dynamic: We perform a movement, but controlled. Improves dynamic flexibility.

3. Ballistic: We performed a movement ended with a rebound, or sudden movements. The muscles do not have time to adjust to the stretching, and we have control of the movement, thereby increasing the risk of injury.

4. Activity: Move active muscles, without outside help.

5. Passive stretches are assisted by a third person, who performs in a controlled and slow, with no apparent pain.

This person maintains the stretch position for 10 seconds, after that, it breaks. Very effective method to increase joint mobility.

Of the 5 types are most suitable for relaxation are the static, assets and liabilities, holding the stretch long enough to cause muscular adaptations.

Anyway, when to relax, rather than pull a muscle in isolation, it is preferable to stretch muscle chains (which are groups of muscles that work together to perform a specific function).

Benefits of stretching:

- We relaxed the muscles and decreased stress.

- We facilitate the adoption of a more correct, and help maintain it.

- We improved our ability to sports.

- We increased our capacity to recognize and interpret the body's own deep feelings.

- We improved our neuromuscular coordination.

- We relieve pain, particularly that coming from the spine.

- Better manage our breathing.

- We improved our circulation, lowered blood pressure and increased lung capacity.

- Improve your sex life by increasing mobility and body flexibility.

Breathing during stretching: It must be:

- Slow, rhythmic and controlled.

- If you are bent forward to stretch a muscle, espiraremos while performing this movement. Then, during stretching, breathe slowly.

- If, due to the position taken, we note that we can not breathe properly, we are slightly relaxed. In that case, we will reduce the tension a bit, until you can breathe naturally.

Come up with a series of stretching exercises easy: To do this, we must follow some guidelines:

- Hold the stretch 10 to 30 seconds.

- The exercises are to be symmetrical and bilateral.

- Should follow a sequential order: From head to feet, or reverse.

- Never pull sharply, or bouncing.

- Hold the stretch until we notice a mild tension, not pain sensation.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

All you need to know to have healthy and beautiful feet


All women are very much at his feet when the warm weather arrives and begins to be time to show off, but the rest of the year become one of the most neglected areas of the body.

A pretty feet are not necessarily healthy feet because you have to care for them in every way, not only to look good but to also look healthy

Many people experience throughout their lives any problems with the feet. This is not surprising since every foot is a piece of engineering consists of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, which hold up our weight and help us move back and forth constantly.

Wear appropriate footwear, and thoroughly hydrate would be a good way to thank them. If you are a not given the attention they deserve, still time to change, just keep reading to find out how.

Some of the conditions and conditions typical of you feet can be hereditary, but most are due to negligence in their care or poor choice of footwear.

To prevent some of the most common problems, follow these tips:

-When you go to buy shoes, try them still standing, because that is when supporting the weight of our body.

Must comply with the fingers and the heel (one inch longer than the foot and do not press), because if the foot is too loose, rubbing and blisters may appear. Try also the shoe is soft and smooth for comfortable and have a heel that does not exceed 4 or 5 inches to avoid forcing the foot to adopt unnatural positions could affect the spine.

-To prevent fungus, a common problem that also affects the nails, they should both shoes and feet are always warm and dry (not to mention the space between fingers).

Nor should walk barefoot in the gym showers or public swimming pools because they are very contagious.

-The odor problem, which affects more than 30% of Spanish, occurs in areas where more foot sweat (the plant and between the fingers) and, therefore, where the bacteria reproduce faster.

To avoid this problem, we must ensure that this airy footwear, otherwise, the soles are not rubber or synthetic but leather. Use natural fiber socks, changing them daily and, if necessary, specific uses deodorant sprays.

-Against dry skin, which is the threshold of unsightly and uncomfortable hardness, should periodically massage the area with a pumice stone for heels and soles, just below the fingers. You can seize the moment of the shower and, once those have dried thoroughly, apply a moisturizer.

Good-bye to calluses. make sure the footwear you buy is not too narrow and you do not tighten (calluses are caused mainly by pressure or friction of the skin), but also that the alteration is not the result of stepping and walking incorrectly.

This can be easily detected if you go to podiatrist's office.

The ideal formula for foot care would combine regular home care treatments performed by a podiatrist sporadic (if any medical problems) or esthetician (a pedicure also helps improve their aesthetic appearance).

Whenever peudas, half-hour spent on a good foot bath and you'll float: in warm soapy water put a few drops of essential oil (rosemary is the disinfectant and bergamot, relaxing) and dip your feet for 10 minutes.

Then apply a scrub to remove impurities and to massage uses carefully.

Think that massage also benefit the rest of the body, because the foot has points that are reflective of other organs. if you hold it, use cold water to rinse your feet, you will activate the circulation and when you dry them thoroughly inspected if hardness, to spend a file or rasp to the affected areas. A moisturizer is an excellent finishing touch.

Women tend to have circulatory problems, so in many cases the legs swell. If we join fluid retention and physical inactivity are often swollen ankles and legs begin to feel tired. To avoid this, note small details, such as:

Get up and takes a few rides now and then, if you're sitting too long at work.

Try not to keep your legs crossed for long.

Put your feet up whenever you can, when you're sitting at home resting.

Do some simple stretching exercises such as toe to the maximum for a few seconds to return to relax after or make circular movements with your feet in both directions.

Walk whenever you can barefoot on a soft surface like sand or grass, this action helps to relieve suffering bone compression.

To go to fashion do not have to sacrifice your feet with shoes uncomfortable. increasingly, manufacturers in their creations combine comfort and style. We can find shoes with gel insoles that do not alter their shape or size over time and help distribute the weight on the foot and slow the impact when walking.

A right heel and a breathable and soft material, will help us be comfortable without sacrificing modern lines. And vernao have great allies, sandals with platform, which will help us get the most stylish super comfortable while.

Natural trick to combat facial wrinkles


The skin regenerative properties of apricot and avocado ablandadador power, join moisturizing and cleansing capacity of the lemon to provide smoothness to our skin look completely different and rejuvenating.

Here I leave the recipe for this excellent tip:


- 3 apricots.
-15 Ml of avocado pulp.
- 15 ml glycerine.
-1 Whole lemon, ripe, chopped ..


-Blend apricots and lemon.

-Mix avocado pulp and glycerine.

- Store in an amber container will place in the figorífico so slow enzymatic reactions and get us longer.

-Not only will diminish wrinkles and skin texture will be improved. By adding lemon or cloth patches exist, asisitiremos to an improvement thereof.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Learn how to care your hair in the cold winter


The hair also suffer the rigors of low temperatures. The scarcity or total absence of luster is one of the problems that most often affects the hair during the winter.

The hair dryer is a real "thief" of brightness brilloLa hair loss stems from the cuticle. Is constituted by shaped plates overlapping scales. If the plates are distributed evenly, the hair looks shiny and tangle only.

However, the cold causes it to rise and shine of hair fades. Of course not only the cold prevented a glossy coat, so do abuse hair dryer or choosing a shampoo inadequate.

There are keys to ensure the brightness of the hair, as indicated by Svenson. These are fundamental:

After each washing, apply a moisturizing conditioner and give the final rinse with cold water (hot dilates the scales of the cuticle).

As far as possible we must stop using the hair dryer, a real "thief" of brightness.

Avoid aggressive treatments such as relaxers and perms, and use products such as serum, that combine nutrition and shine and are very easy to apply.

It is best to wear a court according to the type of hair, so that the hair easier and not to abuse irons, curling irons or hair dryers.

Regarding color, a good idea is to enhance the natural color with hair tonics and other products such as neutral henna, a substance that is composed of molecules related to keratin hair, so that while restructuring brings a plus brightness without damaging the cuticle.

Better not take the hair down the days of rain or wind (weaken, subtracting brightness instantly).

It may be that the lack of brightness is indicative of a disorder or deficiency (a deficiency of vitamins or minerals, for example). In that case, better placed in the hands of professionals.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Gastrocosmética: food against cellular aging

The Gastrocosmética is a healthy and complementary may be handsome and still be healthy is, eat healthy, wealthy and prevent cellular aging.

Within the letter there is food products with more and less virtue. On the menu is the star gastrocosmética broccoli, a nearly perfect food.


In addition to its anticancer properties, broccoli is a good source of minerals, potassium, magnesium and iron, has almost no fat and yes lots of antioxidants like beta carotene and selenium.

A long list of beneficial compounds it contains, in addition its detoxifying effect on the liver, which the Romans had to guess for centuries, as cruciferous vegetables used this to alleviate the effects of drunkenness, she explains. In addition, antioxidants help to improve the vitality of the skin and combat signs of skin fatigue.

So much so, that a well-known cosmetics firm just to market beauty products with broccoli as the main active ingredient.

Carrot, tomato, mango and pumpkin:

Broccoli is not alone in this crusade towards dining eternal youth. There are many foods that protect against solar radiation, which is the main enemy of the skin, carrots, tomatoes, mango, pumpkin and green leafy vegetables.

Grapes, pomegranates and tea verde_

The grapes accumulate virtues. We already know that the skins of red wine do cardio. There's more: the red grape contains a significant proportion of resveratrol, one of the most potent antioxidants to prevent skin aging.

Work equally green tea polyphenols ellagic acid from pomegranate. Hence, an infusion of that type and a bowl of grapes or pomegranate is one of the most gastrocosmético breakfast.

Coffee Beans:

The coffee is bad press, perhaps because alcohol misuse. But it has virtues. For coffee lovers the good news is that the grind of this plant are rich in ferulic acid, another ally of radiant skin.

"The ideal is to combine different antioxidants in the diet, because few others prevent and combat the damage occurred, such as tuna, salmon or mackerel, whose fatty acids help to repair the ravages of too much sun on the skin, says Sopena.

Oysters for acne:

Meanwhile, acne sufferers should look for foods rich in zinc and one that has a higher proportion of this mineral is very popular oyster.

Oysters have a high amount of zinc: 22 mg per 100 g. They are a food rich in vitamin B12 because 100 g. of this bivalve containing 15 ug. vitamin B12.