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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cesar Millan gives advices to adopt a dog and be happy with it

Cesar Millan has demonstrated his talent with the animals in "The Dog Whisperer"  since 2004, teaching owners how to train these animals to those dogs that have too much power and often misbehave.

Millan gained celebrity status after helping stars like Oprah Winfrey with their beautiful dogs, but is in his series of Nat Geo Wild "The Dog Whisperer", working with ordinary people.

Recently in Atlanta, Millan shared his tips for adopting a rescued dog, with Sarah and Casey Giessen, a married couple has decided they are ready to adopt a dog.

Millan, who is strongly in favor of adopting pets, warns that the adoption of a dog based on compassion, does not help the animal. So he recommended a different approach.

"I always suggest people to be logical with the adoption, because you have to understand the compatibility and type of energy you are bringing home," he says, adding that "it is difficult, because most of the time people take by the impulse to adopt a pet and unfortunately dogs are brought back more often than staying in the new house. "

It also says that compatibility begins with understanding the body language of a dog, and it begins in the eyes.

"It's the softness of your eyes so you can tell a lot [because] they can say sadly, as much as 'I am open to a relationship.' Or 'I do not want to be with you'.

Through contact with eyes can know exactly how they feel about it, "she said.

Millán accompanied the Giessens to see dogs in the shelter of Dekalb County in Atlanta. Casey Giessen Millan told how the couple explained how they should choose a pet.

"The dog kennels were pictures, he covered the bottom of the face and said, 'just look at the eyes." You could see immediately [the eyes] that dog was sad, was hyperactive or contrary, peaceful and sweet. "
Millan said that many prospective pet owners confuse a strong tail wag with joy.

"That does not mean that the dog is happy, that means the dog is excited!" said.
If you are thinking about adopting a dog, Millan says the first thing to do is evaluate your own energy level, and then look for a dog to be.

When the energy level of a dog is higher than the energy level of the owner, it may lead to problems. "That's when you see people being paraded or pulled by your dog, or when someone knocks on the door and the dog is first come," he said.

Then, prospective dog owners should consider how they will establish the boundaries and limitations for your pet.

The Giessens, who described her as a medium power level, found a small labrador mix they liked in the shelter of DeKalb.

After watching them together, Millan said that a dog could be compatible with the couple. Then they noticed that the dog lost enough hair and because Sarah has allergies, decided to continue their search using the advice I had given Millan. And Millan was the right decision.

Millan said that after adopting a shelter dog, the first thing to do, before taking your new pet home, is a long walk, one or two hours.

It's almost like giving a royal welcome by the removal of physical energy, "says Millan to adding" then you have to take him home.

Immediately, before giving affection, the dog must be told where to go to sleep and where to stay. You should start practicing the separation to prevent separation anxiety in the future, explains. "

Millan said the hardest thing for a dog is to learn how to be away from your family. "We will work, children go to school at a time is going to be alone," he explains. "Therefore, it is best to introduce you to what their new life in the future, from day one. It does not take it by surprise," he adds.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love as a source of life - Rene Mey - Homolongevus

The problem of Love is that everyone talks about it, but no one defines it, we waste much of our life trying to know what is.

We confuse romantic love, more related to attachment, with love of neighbor. believe that only you can love your partner, family and God.

Make no mistake, one can and should love everyone and love simply accept another person as part of you, so easy, being part of you will know that that person deserves to be as happy as you.

Monday, January 16, 2012

How to avoid accidents at home?


Although the kitchen and bathroom are the most dangerous places in the house, pay attention to other rooms and corners to avoid mistakes that could have serious consequences for our health and physical integrity of our family.

Protects smaller domestic accidents with a barrier of protection for hob ...

Check out this list of tips and basic recommendations, do you turn? If not, get to it and then breathe easy! Your home and is safe.

* Sharp Edges: Most bruises or bumps extend along the ends of certain surfaces. If you can not change other furniture with rounded corners, place them so that they are not exposed to places and places pass protectors.

* Doors and windows should not leave them ajar. Put a cap on the ground to not only go half way and if you go to air, do not let the blade at anchor. If you have kids, you can elevate the rails or place a network of support.

* Rugs: They are very decorative but favor the trips. Glue on the inside edge of a slip band.

* If you're cooking: Do not leave any fire or major consumer appliances running when you leave your home. Always monitors liquid on the fire because the boiling can overflow. Avoid shocks and exhaust filters periodically cleaning the hood in the kitchen and make revisions to the fireplace and boiler.

* Every precaution is low: place the knives and sharp objects in drawers, with the tips inward. Check and remove broken plates and glasses or descant. Use insulated gloves or mitts to move hot or manipulate objects in a furnace. Avoid splashing, using covers or lids while cooking food. The handles of pans, pots and pans should not stand out from the kitchen cabinet.

* Medications and cleaning: Do not store together different types of products. Put medicines in a safe place under lock and key. It must be properly labeled containers and if possible keep products in their original containers.

* Best shower bath: in the bathroom falls are common and can be very dangerous (bills pelvis, coccyx, sprains, etc..) Prevention is better with carpets, figures slip or wooden pallets. If there are older people living at home it is worth installing handrails so they can move around safely.

* Fire or explosion: Turning off matches and cigarette butts. Do not smoke in bed or sofa or near curtains. Do not overload outlets with too many appliances. Be careful especially with much consumption as heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and irons. Cables and avoids recessed joints or improvised to tape it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Laughter: best sport to keep fit


Tired of not getting to play sports and be physically fit? Smile and forget to seek a better solution. According to U.S. scientists, laughter is capable of producing the same effect on the human body that intense physical exercise.
Scientists at the University Loma Linda, California (USA), have conducted an experiment on a group of 14 volunteers, forcing them to enjoy a fun comedy that allowed them to laugh for 20 minutes without almost stopped.
At the end of the experiment, subjects were subjected to various tests, where doctors found a significant reduction in the rate of stress hormones in the blood, an increased number of immune T cells and a decrease in blood pressure and level of cholesterol.
The studies found that laughter can produce the same effect on the human body that intense physical exercise. The same feelings in the body would have occurred after walking outside for several hours.
In addition, another group of scientists, this time Mexican-Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) - confirmed the conclusions arrived at by their American counterparts.
They also provided new evidence that determined that laughter activates the body, invigorates the heart and release endorphins (pain modulators, reproduction, body temperature, hunger and reproductive functions).
However, it is much easier to laugh physical exercise to maintain the shape, because from the standpoint of time involved in sports are three times more "economic".

To compensate for three minutes of exercise, you need a laugh 10 minutes, for example. However, laughter activates many more muscles, including those of the abdomen.
These studies conclude that, laughter therapy, quality of life of a patient with chronic illness can be improved by 40%.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Learn to combat the sweat


Although sweat serves to function properly sweat glands and keep it in good measure body temperature, there is nothing more unsightly than a front, a sweaty armpit or hands, and what of the fences of clothing ...

So today I want to tell it better to stop the sweat, which is often especially abundant in certain areas have more sweat glands like the armpits, palms, soles of the feet or English.

So far, antiperspirants served as a patch in the armpits, feet, etc.. But its effects were limited and did not end with the complex of a "wet hands," a front "beaded with sweat," or a really awkward English. Today you can forget about sweat thanks to the botulinum toxin, which is very effective in treating excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.

The treatment is to infiltrate small quantities of product in areas that require it, in one session, and the effects are seen in approximately one week. Ideally for people who sweat a lot is done twice a year, though many people only makes the early summer.

It is a painful technique requires no income, no preparation whatsoever, and is usually numb the area with cold. Results last about six months, and the price per area is around 300 euros.