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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love as a source of life - Rene Mey - Homolongevus

The problem of Love is that everyone talks about it, but no one defines it, we waste much of our life trying to know what is.

We confuse romantic love, more related to attachment, with love of neighbor. believe that only you can love your partner, family and God.

Make no mistake, one can and should love everyone and love simply accept another person as part of you, so easy, being part of you will know that that person deserves to be as happy as you.

The healthy lifestyles of Homolongevus

The practice of Sun Gazing: The sun as food - Human`s Photosynthesis

The Benefits of Drinking Water

Friday, February 24, 2012

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast with Bunny Rabbits

Unfortunately in the weight and fat loss industry, the rule is "Complicate to Profit". Meaning, let's take the simple concepts behind fat loss and body transformation, make them seem harder than they actually are so people need to hire experts and spend thousands on products. Here's the truth... fat loss can be simple.

If you watch the rest of this video, you'll discover a simple and fast way to lose a lot of fat. And at the end, I'll show you how to make the process even quicker. You'll also see what fluffy bunny rabbits have to do with losing fat and getting healthy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is Chromotherapy?


Chromotherapy is an alternative medicine technique that uses colors to diagnose or treat certain conditions but must be done with a specialist.

Among the techniques that exist as an alternative for the treatment of some diseases, is color therapy or the use of light energy through the colors as a method of harmonization, natural healing, as an antidepressant, stimulant and regenerative.

Chromotherapy is not new, the ancient cultures of China, India and Greece used. These cultures used the color to varying degrees in architecture, water, light shining through crystals and gems grinding and ingestion of dust.

The rooms of the temple of Heliopolis, for example were designed so that sunlight decompose into the seven colors of the spectrum and were useful for healing. In the mosques of Iran were used glazed tiles of different colors for inspiration and purification of the spirit.

However, thanks to the understanding of what light is and how you can make better use of energy through decomposition and formation of the colors, the technology used to apply it properly has improved markedly, the products are smaller and more effective for a more rapid and permanent.

The nature is based on the dynamic balance is also observed in the human body. The aura is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that contains energy from cosmic rays to radio waves.

Sunlight, or full spectrum light contains all the color wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the visible spectrum, including infrared. The effect of sunlight during the winter, is an example of the role of color on our health.

According to those who practice this technique, some diseases can be "caused" by the lack of one color in the body and its systems and are based on the colors correspond to vibrations that have speeds, lengths and rhythms of different waves that exert influence physical, psychological and emotional in each of us and although we are not aware of it, the colors allow our vital energy to have a state that facilitates "self healing".

This is achieved through the restoration of the balance that achieves the missing color application is required through the use of lights in the body.

Much research has been done about it, and between the results has been that red, orange or yellow are astringent, blue helps red extraversion and introversion allows.

Certain colors like red and orange make up the temperature of a room and are called warm colors, while others such as blue, indigo and gray are cool colors.

Among the curative effects of each of the eight colors using color therapy include:

Red: This color provides warmth and energy, which can increase blood pressure. It is used in the treatment of diseases like low blood pressure, paralysis, rheumatism and anemia. It is stimulating the liver and blood circulation. Aid in the treatment of bronchitis, impotence and rheumatism and emotionally stimulating spirit.

Scarlet is a color vasoconstrictor. It stimulates the kidneys. Increases blood pressure. It is the color of sensuality and helps to control sadness.

Orange: This color-fatigue, which stimulates the nerves and respiratory system, is beneficial in the treatment of kidney stones and gall bladder and hernia. It is also effective to stimulate milk production after delivery and helps in the setting of calcium. It promotes optimism and good relationship between body and spirit.

Violet: Your application is beneficial in the treatment of emotional and nervous disorders, insomnia and arthritis. It has good effects in the treatment of sciatica, epilepsy, muscle spasms, and anemia. Reduces anxiety, phobias, fear, anger and violence.

Yellow: This color laxative, diuretic and stimulant to the brain. It is beneficial for the treatment of diabetes, constipation, kidney and liver and throat infections. Energizes the digestive system and tone the muscles. It stimulates the intellect, helps in mental fatigue, in sadness and melancholy.

Purple or indigo: An excellent color stimulant, useful in treating stomach disorders, skin and migraine. It has a beneficial effect on the eyes (cataracts) and ears as well as in the treatment of frigidity is a vasodilator.

Green: This color is considered as a mild tranquilizer and is beneficial in the treatment of ulcers, flu, colds, sexual disorders, cancer and inflammatory diseases. Color is a sedative, allowing rest and strengthens the view. Reduces stress and helps to improve the ulcers. Soothes insomnia, nervousness and anger.

Blue: Color is considered a sedative that relieves pain, reduces bleeding and promotes healing of wounds and burns. It is effective in treating colic, asthma, respiratory disorders, hypertension and skin disorders. Help fever, antiseptic and astringent. It is refreshing color that helps in treating asthma, control of excess weight and cellulite. Emotionally combat selfishness and provides an effect of peace and tranquility.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Experts warn of risks to relieve muscle pain with cold water


Soaking in a bath of cold water after exercise can relieve muscle pain and stiffness but it is unclear whether it is a safe strategy for the organism.

Researchers at the UK Cochrane Centre conducted a review of 17 studies in which 366 people had participated.

They found that cold water does relieve muscle pain but can cause shock response in the body and may even be harmful.

According to researchers, there is insufficient evidence to support the widespread use of technology.

And it may be better ways to relieve muscle stiffness, they add, for example, a short stroke and light or immersed in a bath of warm water.

The strategy to immerse in cold water or ice, a technique called cryotherapy, is used to reduce swelling, stiffness and pain that occur after intensive muscle use.
It's called delayed onset muscle soreness (DMAT), which often appears at the day after the exercise.

The technique began with elite athletes but it is increasingly popular among recreational athletes.

It is said that immersion in cold water reduces muscle inflammation and its associated effects.

Cochrane researchers wanted to see if there is clinical evidence to support these claims and whether the technique actually works or is harmful.

In clinical trials reviewed had asked participants to immerse in a tub or bowl with cold water after running, biking or do resistance training.

In most trials the subjects spent between 5 and 24 minutes in water having a temperature of between 10 and 15 ° C, although in some cases the temperature was lower or asked participants to leave and enter the water during established
In studies comparing immersion in cold water with the rest or do nothing to relieve pain was found that immersion was a "significant reduction" in the muscle pain four days after exercise.

But very few studies comparing immersion with other strategies, for which, say the researchers, it is premature to say that this is the best strategy for sore limbs.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Power of Positive thoughts

The Power of Setting Your Goals - Clark Danger - Motivational How to Vid...

What you set is what you get! New Years resolutions don't mean a thing if they're not followed up with by a plan of action! You DON'T need a specific day (New Years) to start something or take action! Get started TODAY! Let's do this together!

The Power of Focus & Beliefs - Clark Danger - Motivational Video - 2012 ...

Whether you think you CAN or think you CAN'T, you're right. Let's do this together
Control your life, don't let life control you!

The Power of Influence - Clark Danger - Motivational Video - 2012 - (2 o...

The Power of Having a Vision - Clark Danger - 2012 - (1 of 5)

Some thoughts / a topic that's been on my mind lately, so I thought I'd put together a video for you all! We live in a society that has been conditioned OUT of dreaming.

Positive Thinking (Weight Loss Results)

Amazing Motivational Speech by Joel Osteen Live With Confidence.flv

We often get intimidated some one else and try to think how they are better than us. Try to copy them to look cool like them or get that attention. This makes us neglect all the tremendous potential we have in our self. Small errors make us loose confidence in our self. Joel explains more

The Secret to More Money, Better Sex & Weight Loss | Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking - Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Breaking the Illusion of Limitation

Change Negative Feelings! Build Positive Thoughts!

This audio teaches you where your emotions come from and shows you how you can change your negative emotions into positive ones.

It also shows you how to build positive emotions to make them a more permanent and more sustainable part of your everyday life.

Everything is Possible Just Train Your Brain - Memoriad

Speed mental calculation, being a human calculator, having a super power memory, having photographic speed reading talent, being an excellent mental or physical athlete is possible. The key is exercise and train your brain.

Developing Inner Power

With inner strength and clarity, we are able to free ourselves from the negative influences imposed on us by external sources, as well as by our own weak thoughts, and so recognise and fulfil our true potential.

This series of positive thinking commentaries, helps us to create a new positive sense of self through which we can transform our vision and therefore the world.

These commentaries can be used independently, but is particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with the positive thinking course taught by the Brahma Kumaris.

Prepare Your Vibration For 2012

Prepare your vibration for 2012. Naturally move into and connect with the abundance of unconditional love energy of the coming Golden Age. Create your own personal tranformation and remember how to fall in love with life again!

The Human Ascension in 2012

Meditation: Clearing Negativity

10 signs of a spiritual awakening

How to open your third eye chakra

Louise Hay on The Brain & Positive Thinking

Louise Hay (born October 8, 1926) is a motivational author, and the founder of Hay House, a publishing company. She has authored several self-help and New Thought books, and is best known for her 1984 book, You Can Heal Your Life.

Meditation. YOU MUST TRY THIS. Instant effect, relaxation. blisscoded so...

A Conversation with Louise Hay

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The most relaxing song in the world

A trio of Manchester, with the help of therapists specializing in music, says he created "the most relaxing song in the world.

As reported by the Daily Telegraph, Marconi Union trio, originally from Manchester, went to work to work with therapists specializing in music to create a song that slow down breathing and reduced brain activity.

'Weightless', the resulting song was tested in a study of 40 women, proving to be more relaxing tracks from artists like Enya, Mozart and Coldplay.

About 65% of participants stated that the song lowered their levels of anxiety.

Lyz Cooper, founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy, the paper explains that the song uses "early music" that "individual" have been shown to have "a calming effect."

"By combining these elements as they have done Marconi Union have created the perfect relaxing song. The study has shown that it is the most relaxing song in the world," the therapist.

In addition, Cooper notes that the song length (8 minutes) is important because it takes at least "five minutes" to begin to relax completely, a process called "incorporation."

"The space between notes has been chosen to create a feeling of euphoria and comfort and does not repeat a melody, which allows your brain off completely. There peals random, which helps induce a feeling of greater relaxation. The final element is the soft hum and murmur, and Buddhist chants, "he concludes.

Being in love slows our aging


The state of being in love is good for health, helps slow aging, improve mood, reduce stress and prevent diseases.

The infatuation is produced by the "phenylethylamine," an organic compound of the family of amphetamines that is responsible for the physical changes we experience when we fall in love, and become red or feel 'butterflies'.

This compound is released with such simple acts as an exchange of glances, a touch or a handshake.

Both in the first phase of infatuation, and in the long-term steady partners, as stated above, "love has notable health effects," some as surprising as "beautification of the skin, hair and nails, thanks to increased estrogen ".

It also prevents premature aging and increases the feeling of vitality, since it releases the hormone melatonin. "So when we're in love we are not only better, but we look better our self-esteem grows," he assured.

Love increases the norepinephrine, known as the 'stress hormone' that affects attention and mood. Its increase makes us more attentive and sensitive to the person we love and leads us to "give full" and pamper and care for the other.

His "beneficial consequences" do not stop there, as the infatuation strengthens the immune system, "preventing us from disease and helping us better and speedy recovery."

This is thanks to endorphins, which increase the feeling of being in our bodies and help us to better endure the pain, whether physical or psychological.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Impressive and fun tactics to get a date


Here I have some fun and daring tactics to trap your soul mate:

A fight:

No, do not think bad, not the kind of fight than you think. I'm talking about a battle of minds, brains.

As for dueling have to be very sure to have arguments in your favor and ease needed to shuck your tongue with words.

The battlefield on land can be developed serious (political) or relaxed (a television). The aim is to impress your opponent with your forces considerable debate and dialectic.

But remember to keep it all with great humor or else may become, as we move forward, against you in the form of cheap shots and personal insults with insults.

Being cheeky

Remember how the kids made fun of girls in school to get their attention? Well, this is the technique which we return now older, yes, in essence, no hair-pulling and run.

Yes you can reuse bold comments about the other person who, without being rude, provoke a smile. For example could a funny comment about his appearance or his usual style of dress.

For a change, we must be careful not to cross the barrier of the disqualification, because it might scare the other person and make us look stupid.

 make you the fool and play like a  fool

Forget slow, soft and sophisticated serious perception of yourself and desinhíbete. For example, take the microphone at a karaoke and even though you know you sing fatal, go ahead with the first issue.

The laughter of the rest will be a unique aphrodisiac for the other person, that person will see in you a bold and resolute. Too much can lead to considerante antics an absolute fool and crosses next to "friend" unique, but do not consider for anything else.

Ask for help

Calls to help you with something that you take time fighting and know that the other person is good. For example, to read the damn instructions that accompany the new furniture and fine-tune your home.

Or, you may request a hand in the kitchen to renew your recipe as well, with the excuse, by the way you brindáis lunch or dinner. It also takes the opportunity to flatter your skills and reward your time and effort invested in you.

Send a letter

With new technologies are outdated cards with postmarks, but for that matter, have much value.

People often miss remembers when he received letters and now, only the bank and the water company remembers them.

For this reason, it is good that you seek a paper and a pen and you sat down to express what you feel, ie redactaras one of those old "love letters". The effect will not be beaten, the other person can not fail to be impressed.

Buy a lottery ticket

No need to buy expensive gifts to show your affection. A gesture as simple as buying a lottery ticket says it all.

The issue of this gift is to think and talk about what you would do if you play, always looking for plans of two, not discussions individualistic. It will be the most fun gift you've ever done.


Wake up your and your competitive spirit continually defying games. The before and after challenge are also full of complicity from bets on what will have to make a loss or shafts of the typical "I will win" as if you were a toddler. A healthy and friendly competition will only increase interest in both and also involves small doses of previous tactics.

Clean and pick up

If you are someone who do little or nothing at home ... get up now! Roll up your sleeves, put on rubber gloves and sorts up and down throughout the house. Scrub the bathroom, clean the dust off the shelves, shaking the carpet, sweep the house, washing dishes ... until it shines!

Your partner will not only be surprised but infinitely grateful for not having to be her, again, put everything in place and also without having to ask for your help.

Leave aside the "gossip"

Sometimes knowing the life of others is not something to brag and is due less to go talking about those people on the way home. It is true that having a base of information to "not screw it up" is fine, but produces refusal to hear all the works and virtues of a person. It seems that you have nothing better to do in your life and you have too much time to gossip.

Give a scare

You can make plans that involve some fear (and not the restaurant bill). For example visit the house of terror, making the route ghost in your city (if there is one) or use the cinema listings to see that movie.

The adrenaline rush that is experienced after a fearful practice perfectly mimics the sensation perceived when one is attracted to another. Furthermore, according to psychologists there is a strong connection between anxiety states, excitement and attraction.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chocolate : the best recipe for weight loss.


Researchers at Tel Aviv University found that a breakfast of 600 calories, including a sweet dessert, and other carbohydrates and proteins, can help you lose more weight and maintain that loss long term.

The key, says the study, is to allow those tastes in the morning when the metabolism is more active. And keep the daily caloric intake by 1,600 and 1,400 for men for women.

In the study 32 weeks clinically obese individuals took 193, none of whom had diabetes. Participants were divided into two groups. Both had consumed the same number of calories per day: 1,600 men and 1,400 women.

The first group was followed during the study period, low-carbohydrate diet that included a breakfast of 300 calories.

The second group was given a diet high in protein and carbohydrates and a breakfast of 600 calories each day should include a dessert such as cake, chocolate or cookies.

The researchers followed for various periods that were losing weight participants. They found that half of the study, both groups had lost an average of 15 kilos per person.

But in the second part of the study "the results changed dramatically," scientists say."This shows that for a diet can be adopted and become part of a new lifestyle, to be realistic. To succeed in weight loss is better to reduce the cravings to go deprivation"Prof. Daniela Jakubowicz

"Participants in the group of low-carbohydrate weight again increased on average 10 kgs per person, but participants in the group of big breakfasts lost another 7 kgs each," he added.

At the end of 32 weeks, those who had consumed 600 calories breakfasts had lost an average of 18 kgs each more than individuals of another group.

Professor Jakubowicz believes that the explanation for this surprising result is a hormone called ghrelin, which regulates appetite, which can be "appeased" with the right mix of protein and sugar.

"The morning food provides energy for the day's tasks, helps brain function and reactive metabolism, making it a crucial part of the loss and weight maintenance," explains the researcher.

"And breakfast is the food that regulates ghrelin more successfully.""Although the level of ghrelin increases before each meal, can be suppressed more effectively at breakfast," he adds.

This suppression appears to also relieve cravings for sugar and other carbohydrates "empty."

The diets that are highly restricted and prohibit these foods are, at first, effective. But often cause the dieter to lose your will power due to "withdrawal symptoms" of sugars and fats. And finally, end up increasing much more weight than they managed to lose during the diet.

Tips for getting an appointment at the next February 14


As it is very close on the day of lovers in this article I want to leave a series of steps to that 14 have a quote from the most "casual" and enjoy a pleasant company:

Define the objective:

This time we are cold and calculating. "But it is Valentine!", You will be surprised many. Please remember that the goal is to have an appointment, find our future husband.

Having said that remember that an appointment means having fun above all things, so look at your environment (friends from Facebook and Myspace are very valid) someone with whom you have things in common, who talk and laugh soles.

They say opposites attract ... but we believe that only attract a while and that time is spent arguing about anything. Oh by the way! That the first thing you have in common is not having a partner, who did not want problems.

He feels the approach:

At this stage you should get your full potential as a replacement for Sherlock Holmes. We follow the maxim "make the most we can to social networks" (which for that charge).

Watch their updates as well to potential rivals to consider and start a conversation "casual" following any links you have shared with enthusiasm. You can also upload their interests and investigate something you can not ignore.

This will start the conversation in a perfect spot: he encouraged to continue talking to you. By the way, if you see that after a few tries the thing does not curdle searchs a new target Time flies and Valentine is coming!

Bring him to your site:

If step two works, the next thing is to start to divert the conversation you started yesterday to a funny and charming dialogue in which you feel both relaxed and comfortable. Not to mention the D-Day yet. You can not hurry.

First Contact:

It would be nice at this point I propose, as he does not want to, take something.

Just do not look like an appointment you ask: is always in the evening (preferably early morning), marked with limited hours in advance (if you have no plan to leave before 20:00 pm Make up one) in a current site and any neighborhood bar after work and with the excuse that you have not see you.

Know him that you go on:

Again, social networks have much to say. If you are contacted by the media uses to upload that picture of you in which salts so beautiful and sexy and waiting for "likes".

Know him that your plans:

And gropes you own. Not to mention Valentine's Day. Make the most of it falls on a Tuesday and also leverages their genetic predisposition as a single man to forget this date.

No fuss, no drama and above all very naturally let her know that you have a perfect plan. Watch his reaction when you tell your plans and if you said that you do that a lot apetecería bingo!

That's right: whatever you feel like doing will have to book yourself in order to have an excuse. It is also the perfect opportunity to find out if you already have plans for that day. If so do not despair: you still have time to start over.

Indoctrination -Limiting Your Potential

Message from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, February 8, 2012 Channeled: Ju...

All you need to know to have healthy and beautiful feet


All women are very much at his feet when the warm weather arrives and begins to be time to show off, but the rest of the year become one of the most neglected areas of the body.

A pretty feet are not necessarily healthy feet because you have to care for them in every way, not only to look good but to also look healthy

Many people experience throughout their lives any problems with the feet. This is not surprising since every foot is a piece of engineering consists of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, which hold up our weight and help us move back and forth constantly.

Wear appropriate footwear, and thoroughly hydrate would be a good way to thank them. If you are a not given the attention they deserve, still time to change, just keep reading to find out how.

Some of the conditions and conditions typical of you feet can be hereditary, but most are due to negligence in their care or poor choice of footwear.

To prevent some of the most common problems, follow these tips:

-When you go to buy shoes, try them still standing, because that is when supporting the weight of our body.

Must comply with the fingers and the heel (one inch longer than the foot and do not press), because if the foot is too loose, rubbing and blisters may appear. Try also the shoe is soft and smooth for comfortable and have a heel that does not exceed 4 or 5 inches to avoid forcing the foot to adopt unnatural positions could affect the spine.

-To prevent fungus, a common problem that also affects the nails, they should both shoes and feet are always warm and dry (not to mention the space between fingers).

Nor should walk barefoot in the gym showers or public swimming pools because they are very contagious.

-The odor problem, which affects more than 30% of Spanish, occurs in areas where more foot sweat (the plant and between the fingers) and, therefore, where the bacteria reproduce faster.

To avoid this problem, we must ensure that this airy footwear, otherwise, the soles are not rubber or synthetic but leather. Use natural fiber socks, changing them daily and, if necessary, specific uses deodorant sprays.

-Against dry skin, which is the threshold of unsightly and uncomfortable hardness, should periodically massage the area with a pumice stone for heels and soles, just below the fingers. You can seize the moment of the shower and, once those have dried thoroughly, apply a moisturizer.

Good-bye to calluses. make sure the footwear you buy is not too narrow and you do not tighten (calluses are caused mainly by pressure or friction of the skin), but also that the alteration is not the result of stepping and walking incorrectly.

This can be easily detected if you go to podiatrist's office.

The ideal formula for foot care would combine regular home care treatments performed by a podiatrist sporadic (if any medical problems) or esthetician (a pedicure also helps improve their aesthetic appearance).

Whenever peudas, half-hour spent on a good foot bath and you'll float: in warm soapy water put a few drops of essential oil (rosemary is the disinfectant and bergamot, relaxing) and dip your feet for 10 minutes.

Then apply a scrub to remove impurities and to massage uses carefully.

Think that massage also benefit the rest of the body, because the foot has points that are reflective of other organs. if you hold it, use cold water to rinse your feet, you will activate the circulation and when you dry them thoroughly inspected if hardness, to spend a file or rasp to the affected areas. A moisturizer is an excellent finishing touch.

Women tend to have circulatory problems, so in many cases the legs swell. If we join fluid retention and physical inactivity are often swollen ankles and legs begin to feel tired. To avoid this, note small details, such as:

Get up and takes a few rides now and then, if you're sitting too long at work.

Try not to keep your legs crossed for long.

Put your feet up whenever you can, when you're sitting at home resting.

Do some simple stretching exercises such as toe to the maximum for a few seconds to return to relax after or make circular movements with your feet in both directions.

Walk whenever you can barefoot on a soft surface like sand or grass, this action helps to relieve suffering bone compression.

To go to fashion do not have to sacrifice your feet with shoes uncomfortable. increasingly, manufacturers in their creations combine comfort and style. We can find shoes with gel insoles that do not alter their shape or size over time and help distribute the weight on the foot and slow the impact when walking.

A right heel and a breathable and soft material, will help us be comfortable without sacrificing modern lines. And vernao have great allies, sandals with platform, which will help us get the most stylish super comfortable while.

Natural trick to combat facial wrinkles


The skin regenerative properties of apricot and avocado ablandadador power, join moisturizing and cleansing capacity of the lemon to provide smoothness to our skin look completely different and rejuvenating.

Here I leave the recipe for this excellent tip:


- 3 apricots.
-15 Ml of avocado pulp.
- 15 ml glycerine.
-1 Whole lemon, ripe, chopped ..


-Blend apricots and lemon.

-Mix avocado pulp and glycerine.

- Store in an amber container will place in the figorífico so slow enzymatic reactions and get us longer.

-Not only will diminish wrinkles and skin texture will be improved. By adding lemon or cloth patches exist, asisitiremos to an improvement thereof.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Did you know that drinking too much soda can hurt you greatly?


A recent Danish study found that drinking soda regularly leads to a dramatic increase in harmful fats and difficult to detect.

The researchers asked participants to drink soda, milk, containing the same amount of calories or diet cola every day for six months.

The results? The total fat mass is the same in all cases but those taking soda experienced a dramatic increase in the bad fats (hidden in the liver) and cholesterol.

Artificial sweeteners and food dyes have been linked to damage brain cells and hyperactivity. In addition, research has shown that people who drink diet soda have a higher risk of developing diabetes.

Containing flame retardants. Some of the most popular soft drink brands use brominated vegetable oil, a toxic-retardant to keep the artificial flavor.

A dangerous ingredient labeling, often appearing as BVO in soft drinks and sports drinks, and can cause symptoms of bromide poisoning, such as skin damage and memory loss and nervous disorders.

The average American consumes about 45 liters of soda a year.
Drinking soda makes you a lab rat.

Many brands sweeten their soft drinks with corn syrup high in fructose, a genetically modified compound from the 90's is part of our food chain.

The problem is we do not know what its effects on long-term health because the companies that developed these crops did not have to prove the long-term safety.

The point is that some recent results suggest that GM crops are linked to damage to the digestive tract, and even accelerated aging are a likely cause of infertility.

Tips to combat the cold


In general, the cold worsens those problems related to the circulatory system, angina, circulation in legs or stroke, and respiratory system by increasing respiratory infections.

In addition, the cold causes the platelets to aggregate and that blood can flow "thicker" so that in turn favors the occurrence of myocardial infarction or stroke.

However, one of the most serious problems that cause low temperatures and can lead to death is hypothermia, whose symptoms include cold skin and mental and physical sluggishness.

People who are at increased risk of hypothermia are those who live alone or those with diseases like Parkinson's, stroke or dementia and mobility problems, malnutrition, or alcoholism, pointing from the SEGG.

Here I leave some tips to keep warm:
1. Make a diet that favors the production of heat energy by increasing consumption of carbohydrates-rice, pasta or vegetables, and high protein foods like meats and oily fish.

2. It is also convenient drinking lots of fluids and avoid alcohol intake.

3. As for the ideal temperature, experts recommend that is never below 21 degrees at home. Avoid braziers and stoves that use butane. In this regard, it is better to opt for the electric heating or radiators.

4. Fostering the use of comfortable clothes and protects the body areas that lose enough heat, as the head.

5. Despite the cold, you can continue your daily routine. Do not have to give up physical activity in winter because in addition to promoting overall wellness, so heat is generated.

However, the days of rain, snow and wind, rather than outdoors can train at home or in the gym.

Discover some myths about love


Romantic relationships are built on a series of experiences, ideas and prejudices. The latter are useful because they allow us to interpret what is happening and make decisions.

However, we rarely stop to think if these ideas actually work in our own relationship or if they are "myths" urban. Here are some that I think are quite common and we can put to revision:

Love is fidelity:

Fidelity is not something you take off the shelf and apply it to life as a shampoo, is something that is defined and constructed as a couple. For some, being unfaithful means having a relationship elsewhere, for others, enough to hide information or lie.

Just as there are relationships that demand exclusivity at all costs, there are others opt for adventure and variety. Strictly speaking, what defines a couple is the area of ​​freedom and confidence building, so it is important that each partner to do their own deals, negotiate honestly and undertakes to respect them.

If sex work, everything works:

I think that marital satisfaction, sexual satisfaction and personal satisfaction are closely related. For example, in a time of crisis (infidelity or estrangement), a couple can have a very intense sexual life, because it is a way to channel the fears, trying to regain the other, to express their desire for possession, or release anger resentment, and so on.

But that does not mean that the relationship walk well. Some couples, however, prefer not to get physically when everyday problems.

To make a relationship work needs to be complicity, a desire to play together, a joint project (short or long term), a mutual admiration, a feeling that the other is special ... Sex alone can not give us all that, do you?

Time will fix everything:

On the one hand, time can stand back and look at things from a different perspective. On the other, not take things on time can cause a problem becomes a snowball.

The more important the matter is more urgent to find solutions together. If we miss something, go ahead, but if we are embittering life, it is best to talk in time.

My love will change:

No one has the power to change another person if she did not want to change out of conviction, always forced changes are superficial and ultimately lead to frustration.

On the other hand, one is not responsible for the happiness of others, if anything can motivate you to work on himself. One goal is to help the couple to grow together, not to meet the expectations of the other.

Jealousy is a test of love:

I think jealousy is far from being a proof of love, they can even destroy and undermine trust. Some people become jealous without real reason, is that fear can make certain situations or attitudes interpreted as threats.

We are all jealous in varying degrees, either because we walk with self-esteem on the ground, because we are afraid of being alone, of losing what we have built or to be betrayed. The important thing is to fix-on therapy or as a better can-so that it ends up not transform ourselves into spies and inquisitors of our partner.

We tell us all:

Having a good partner communication is essential, but then to be told everything there is a huge difference. One is entitled to keep secret certain chapters of your life, even there are aspects of the life of another that you really do not want to know.

Cultivating the mystery is also a way to extend the interest, but if the mystery or concealment become obstacles to the relationship, then we must begin to cultivate transparency.

I love, you should read my mind:

It is true that when one loves the other was given the task of knowing, of sensing and intuiting their needs or reactions. But people change over time and circumstances.

Something that may seem funny one day, the following may resultarnos boring. Expect another guess we thought is to assign a big responsibility that, in principle, it behooves us only to us, express our needs.

Discussions, a necessary evil:

Before living in a family trust what he says the end of the film: "... and they lived happily ever after." But then come the difficult days, discussions, serious problems, and then you feel that love is not that he was told.

The discussions are necessary, especially during periods of adaptation and change. It is said that much of the success of a relationship is the ability to resolve conflicts.

But if they become the bread of every day, if there is an effort to solve or build but to destroy the other, then we are speaking of irreconcilable differences.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The questions that will change your life.


Communication is key to understanding with others but also to know what we want. The latter, of the society in which we live, it becomes difficult.

We are so overwhelmed by events and serving others that we forget ourselves and our reality more personal. We leave and when we want to realize and react often too late.

In the evolution of life are changing our goals. There will be times that we become consciously questions and others because evolution forced us hacérnosla.

It is advisable to always deliver us from our "emotional vampires" that rob us of energy. "We also have to release of victimhood, reinforce positive attitudes and eliminate the drama and the catastrophism of our lives."

The main problem is that when things go well, we forget to have unareflexión staff. the following questions. a

"We have to stop from time to time, a review of what our life." And from there ask the following key questions.

1 - What do you really want?

Like everything else, varies according to age. "It's good that you make an assessment of your life and you remove all that hinders your situation," but in this moment of your life what do you want? All rely without fear.

2 - Should I change?

What we want change, delete, and insert in every area of ​​our lives. When we can not change, the human being has the capacity to adapt. There's always time to change and should not be a serious problem, but clarifying that any changes we fear. But if you get stronger and improve your life you choose yes you can take the plunge, you'll instability at first but then migrate to firm ground.

3 - Am I happy?

We suggest asking: what I like about my life and what I want to change?

There is always time to reinvent and change. The reality is very monotonous and tend not to spice up the routine, which is why we often ask ourselves this question. Happiness in its purest form is almost impossible to hold it for 24 hours a day 365 days a year, so we have to learn to use tools such as a sense of humor and release endorphins constantly for the flashes of happiness that will make us feel good.

4 - Do I do what I like?

We recommend doing a clean agenda, spend our time only people worth us and provide us with positive things. One wonders to what people take off the agenda and who would like to know.

It is best to be optimistic and have to keep expectations are going to improve in all the concepts that you set as targets.

5 - We are pressured by our environment?

We live in an ostentatious society out of doors, which prevents us from enjoying the little things. Sharing a smile does not cost money, watch a sunset either, enjoy the company of your own for free, fondling, feeling, hugging, walking does not cost money and give you happiness, is only a matter of us time.

Usually we tend to park our problems and solve them. Introspection is a good exercise but were afraid to look inside and discover our faults and fears.

The solution: personal growth that enrich us and give us guidelines to assess what is really important in life.

6 - I am comfortable with myself?

Society is too demanding and stereotypes are the order of the day. When not affect us much we do not change behavior. We have to review aspects of our health and women's personal schedule, much more socially pressured.

We must ask ourselves if we are worth and accept apprehend with our extra kilos, our pronounced baldness, wrinkles and our ..... and try to improve internally to build something that is not impossible to cure mediocrity of mind or mental cellulite.

Always advised to accept and love. All these keys are translated to develop our plan of life that must be analyzed periodically, so that we can warn if on track to meet our goals or not. In the event that the actions do not bear fruit, we will be able to rectify or to propose new ones.

The conscious process of decision making allows us to reach our goals and enjoy, explore different options, consider the more immediate consequences and reflect on the decisions taken.

It is very likely that for some reason we are not comfortable, we feel prisoners of our environment, listless ... under these circumstances is essential stop along the way and ask: how we want our life. " Find an appropriate response is a matter of mental hygiene,

There are large areas where formularnos key questions:

- In the family of origin.

-In studies and work.

- In the family created or affective-sexual relations.

-In social, recreational and staff.

Personal growth and self-esteem are not just theories and questions, but with actions. The immediacy of success there. We must await the results with patience and perseverance, but you have to start planting today to pick the fruit as soon as possible.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tricks to get a flat stomach


Tips if you will definitely get results. Having a flat stomach is what we all want, but these tricks also serve to lower volume and feel a little or a lot better. So we go with them:

1. Eat well and often. Starving will not make you lose your belly, start the day with a good breakfast, but plenty of saturated fats or fried, and uses small frequent snacks throughout the day to keep your metabolism active.

Each day you must do at least 5 meals because when you go too long without eating your body goes into sleep mode, power consumption is very low in calories and accumulates all that comes "just in case".

2. Leave the speed for your runs. The faster you lose weight less likely they are to keep the loss.

Crash diets that make you starve to accelerate the process does not work long term. At the end stimulate your body to conserve its fat by famous yo-yo and generally make you lose water needed, especially if you exercise.

3. How to choose your fats. Remove fat is totally wrong, because it is necessary, but chooses to type monounsaturated healthy fats (olive oil, nuts) and polyunsaturated fats (cold-water fish), controls the food high in saturated fats (meat, butter .. .)

Check the labels and when you see "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil", be aware that indicates the presence of unhealthy fats like damn trans fat.

4. Attention to "hidden calories". Some people gain weight by eating little but pay no attention to his can of carbonated beverage, the crunchy chocolate bar, the cap of the bar or his glass of whiskey every other day.

In many cases these small snacks high in calories but did not get a feeling of fullness. A tin can contain 150 kcal, eliminate them from your diet and lose only 5 kg this gesture in a year.

5. ¿Liposuction? Do not think you can eat whatever you want and then take out the fat in the operating room to spend based on your savings. Liposuction removes subcutaneous fat or superficial, not deep visceral fat that is what really poses a health risk. Fat cells are removed you forever but nothing prevents your body to make new fat cells.

6. Enjoy authentic drink with 0 calories. When you are hungry and a little healthy snack (yogurt, cereal, apple, etc..) Do not have filled the stomach or calm anxiety, get an infusion of a pleasant taste.

I recommend that rooibos tea has no caffeine or an infusion of liquorice, mint and anise if you want a sweet taste without adding sugar. Not only will soothe, moisturize you also are digestive and give you healthy nutrients and antioxidants.

7. Dedicate yourself to mathematics and trains every day. Every half a kilo of fat contains 4,500 kcal or what is the same, need all those kcal to get rid of half a kilo of pure fat (1 g fat = 9 kcal).

With you remove 600 kcal per day with a little exercise and watching your diet you will see your fat decreases by almost 500 g per week (600 x 7 days = 4,200 kcal).

Learn how to care your hair in the cold winter


The hair also suffer the rigors of low temperatures. The scarcity or total absence of luster is one of the problems that most often affects the hair during the winter.

The hair dryer is a real "thief" of brightness brilloLa hair loss stems from the cuticle. Is constituted by shaped plates overlapping scales. If the plates are distributed evenly, the hair looks shiny and tangle only.

However, the cold causes it to rise and shine of hair fades. Of course not only the cold prevented a glossy coat, so do abuse hair dryer or choosing a shampoo inadequate.

There are keys to ensure the brightness of the hair, as indicated by Svenson. These are fundamental:

After each washing, apply a moisturizing conditioner and give the final rinse with cold water (hot dilates the scales of the cuticle).

As far as possible we must stop using the hair dryer, a real "thief" of brightness.

Avoid aggressive treatments such as relaxers and perms, and use products such as serum, that combine nutrition and shine and are very easy to apply.

It is best to wear a court according to the type of hair, so that the hair easier and not to abuse irons, curling irons or hair dryers.

Regarding color, a good idea is to enhance the natural color with hair tonics and other products such as neutral henna, a substance that is composed of molecules related to keratin hair, so that while restructuring brings a plus brightness without damaging the cuticle.

Better not take the hair down the days of rain or wind (weaken, subtracting brightness instantly).

It may be that the lack of brightness is indicative of a disorder or deficiency (a deficiency of vitamins or minerals, for example). In that case, better placed in the hands of professionals.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Experts found four natural extracts that could fight obesity


Nature holds the key to many of our ills. This is the case of obesity, scientists at the University of Granada have discovered four natural plant extracts that may help prevent and combat corruption.

Two of the natural extracts used for this work, whose name can not be given even for reasons of confidentiality, the trials showed the ability to inhibit the activity of one of the main enzymes involved in the breakdown of lipids from the diet, that could lead to a reduction in the absorption of the same.

Two other extracts used showed the ability to induce the hydrolysis of triglycerides accumulated within fat cells, reducing the fat content thereof.

The administration along with the diet of these obese rats extracts significantly reduced the levels of plasma triglycerides and cholesterol by 67 and 49% respectively compared to control diet-treated obese rats without extract.

Also significantly improved glucose levels and insulin in plasma and other extracts reduced levels of plasma free fatty acids by 68% compared to control rats treated obese without extract.

The authors of this paper point out that current legislation does not allow the introduction of any medicine in food, but the use of a naturally occurring compound that is commonly consumed by humans in order to include it as an active ingredient in a food.

Therefore, the four extracts, coming from plants for human consumption, could be used as nutritional supplements or added to food when they have demonstrated their effectiveness in human studies.

Although researchers at the University of Granada ensure that the results are "very promising", yet to be analyzed in further animal studies to evaluate and confirm its effects before it can be used in human studies.

All you need to know about anti-inflammatory creams


When a person applies an anti-inflammatory cream in an area that is painful, the intent is twofold:

1. Limiting the effect to the painful area, accumulating and concentrating the cream only on the area being treated. This will avoid the side effects (ulcers, kidney failure, blood pressure problems, for example) by taking oral anti-inflammatory.

2. Get with the lowest possible dose, the maximum effect in a particular area.

But do you really get two goals? Topically Is the best way to implement an anti-inflammatory when it hurts a muscle or a joint?

The risk of oral anti-inflammatory drugs:

Known, and increasingly taken into account are the side effects of oral anti-inflammatory. That is why his administration should be limited to cases that do not get to treat pain with other pain relievers. And always (this is very important) for the shortest time possible.

Topical administration: A solution

Proponents of anti-inflammatory creams based his defense on several ideas. Let's review:

1. The creams are not absorbed, or pass into the bloodstream, so it does not produce side effects listed above.

False. Creams and gels are absorbed at a low rate: According to some studies performed, the absorption of these topical medications is less than 25% of the total applied, a much less than if the drug is administered orally.

As we see, however, this absorption is not zero, so are not free of side effects due to the passage of anti-inflammatory blood.

2. You can limit the effect to the painful area.

False. We have seen that there is some blood absorption. In fact, several studies show that topical application of an anti-inflammatory for joint pain (knee, in this case) generated the same concentration of drugs in both knees, so it follows that, far from entering directly into the knee affected, the drug was distributed by the blood, and came to the joint by itself.

3. The carrier used is correct.

False. Most topical anti-inflammatory drugs are "mounted" in gel. And among the possible excipients on the market, the gel is one of those who are absorbed and pass the various layers of the skin to a lesser degree. Better, in this respect, the use of ointments or creams (curiously, only laboratories use them).

Seeking an anti-inflammatory, piercing the skin, into a particular joint, preventing their passage into the general circulation, it is mission impossible. And for example will suffice: A study compared the amount of ibuprofen present in a joint after oral and topical administration.

Oral administration was getting between 20 and 70 times higher concentration than when the drug is administered topically.


In most cases, the analgesic effect achieved by the application of a gel is due more to its temperature and consistency than the product it carries. To achieve a similar effect recommend applying moisturizer following maxim:

- For muscle contractions (cervical pain or back pain, for example), warm moisturizer before applying.

- For the rest of inflammation (tendonitis, joint pain ...) cooling moisturizer before application.

In cases of osteoarthritis, there are other things we can do. This will prevent the need for painkillers daily.