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Friday, December 30, 2011

Planetary transit for the entire 2012


This is a year in my opinion, much lighter and less critical than in 2011, one year I will be more productive, more stable, but with variations or changes. What seems to me if it be some social and economic crisis, the drag of this year, in which the international economic and political chaos have been total, and inclement weather and earthquakes have been increasing.

Begin by Mars, which is currently in Virgo, giving strength to the body, mind, and the ability to calculate, to clean or purify and analyze things in life, makes the mind stronger decision or determination, both sexually, as in work, or how to measure and analyze the current situation.

Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra on 03/07/2012, in which sexuality and emotions will be enhanced, making them more fruitful social relationships, and relationships increase.

Strength and passion together, people give many demonstrations to fight for human rights, social, political, and environmental. Before leaving Libra makes a conjunction with Saturn, making forced world leaders to adjust their mistakes or social and economic problems, otherwise, many will drop or change to the society to which they belong, I think this is one of the highlights of the year to take into account, because that Saturn with Mars to produce the break you need.

Mars enters Scorpio on 08/23/2012, this Martian energy acts with full power and energy, especially at the beginning of Scorpio, the positive aspects of various planets, the individualism and sexual decision-making power will be in full swing.

So also the ability to handle the force of will, which at other times may be limited or scattered. It is a good time for those in the field of research, whether scientific or psychological, or those who are in the field of crime. Mars enters Sagittarius on 10/07/2012, giving energy to athletes, travelers and students of all kinds.

The energy is blending with the muscles causing the action to increase, giving feel like walking and walking everywhere. The activity of the churches and cults of all kinds will be increased greatly. Mars enters Capricorn on 11.17.2012, financial speculation here is mixed with the daring, giving it more warmth and enthusiasm to the coldness of Capricorn.

Many people feel risk everything for the success of their companies or shares in life. The interesting thing is that hardly enters Capricorn, Mars is conjunct Pluto (both are rulers of Scorpio), these two forces can generate an endless number of actions and reactions, both political, social and telluric reactions or earthquakes, a large scale. This combination also tends to produce conflict or large explosions, releasing the stored energy.

Also the case of countries that tend to want to exercise power over the weak, and that trend in the area of ​​international economics. Mars enters Aquarius on 12.26.2012 causing the erratic individualistic and personal independence being buffed, as well as sexuality or feel free free to act.

The square Saturn can produce social crises and riots, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Jupiter will transit the Taurus half year, giving the possibility of gradually improving physical security, commercial, and personal individualism, selfishness will be increased, and for better or for worse.

When you enter Gemini on 06/11/2012, that security will be dissipated, to make it start better analyze the way forward in trade, the field, and animal husbandry, as well as public relations begin to improvement, because Taurus is not interested so much to relate, but to win.

Students will be helped by this position. For some it will be an improvement in the workplace, with the possibility of having two jobs to see. Saturn is in Libra, and will be there most of the year, making the social, political and cultural rights are removed to the bottom, or lead to the major overhaul that humanity needs, this great crisis, will be tempered by the charitable positions of the other planets, taking on social calmer and more balanced international relations.

Saturn enters Scorpio on 05/10/2012, this act at first with the positive aspects of Pluto and Neptune, making the rectitude and severity of Saturn are deeper, and political power is seen as more stable or managing the situations with more stability.

Saturn in Scorpio This is not only much more demanding, but can get to act in secret or underhand, so it is expected that many international treaties, political or commercial come to light, and are kept secret . Many plot will be generated on the stay of Saturn in Scorpio.

But the patience of the people will come to end, causing expressions extremists, in reality it is very crude traffic. Uranus in Aries will continue during 2012, with the negative aspect to Pluto, this rebellion, strength, or act need to be free, as well as in the sexual aspect, will be in conflict or crisis or ever want exerting force or coercion to others, and impatience to situations, especially to the couple.

Sex without commitment will be more action. Lung and sexual problems are the most prominent, as well as problems of calcification. Give the impression that you are not fully free to act, and that way is through force or value, which may not end up giving the required results. Neptune retrograde this year made an Aquarius, and will enter Pisces on 02/03/2012, which fortunately have the positive aspects of Pluto and Saturn.

Here Neptune is strong because it is the ruler of Pisces, doing that during his stay for many years, will release a lot of water, making the Lord of the seas begin to act with all its power, this will be yet more profound, making science, spiritual, esoteric, perception, intuition, astral travel, study, act with greater clarity, or otherwise people will feel more attracted to want to find more answers in the spiritual, or felt more eager to know other things that in other times did not give the true meaning or value.

The spiritual needs in the area will be amplified. Worse as Neptune also has to do with the nebulous or illusory, many will use to deceive, defraud, or use less knowledge to those who have either posing as beings who are superior, or handle any kind of power.

Some people find it manifest power or they were asleep, but as always you have to watch out for the misleading nature of Neptune, or having to know what to do with those powers or manifestations, having to search for those who know most about the subject. In short, Neptune free water, and large mobilizations of the sea, rivers, and rain.

Also helps to know more deeply into the psychological and spiritual. Imagination will increase, giving the possibility of improving the actors, artists of all kinds, singers, painters.

The oil and liquid fuels will be those who will make major changes until you get out of there for Pisces in 2026. Pluto in Capricorn will continue in 2012, now and for many years, making the political and economic power is what else will be in action or reform or change, because Pluto always wants to have absolute power as Capricorn, and see always want to make improvements or changes, something that Capricorn does not like, because he likes the constancy and inertia of the already established or what is doing, Plato Capricorn will force reform by governments to change attitude, or make them change their attitude, or be dropped to make the reform.

Pluto acts on the masses of people, so there will be a struggle between the masses or the leaders or politicians, for many years, giving the possibility of a new society and a new international policy.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Your attitude towards life

The problem is not in whether life is easy or difficult, but how we react to the obstacles.

If one day you close a door, the solution is not giving break your head against it, but wonder if there will be next to it or in the same direction, another door through which you pass.

In life sometimes you have to accept emergency exits, but force you to take a short detour. Try the same time, having always on three or four dreams, so if you turn one, you still have others that continue to live.

Always distinguish between your ideals and ways of performing them.

Those are untouchable, they do not. If someone obstructs your vision, ask yourself if you really opposed to your ideal or the way you are doing. And you do not see the problem in looking for change shape as long as you continue looking for the same ideal.

Learns in life to be persistent and tenacious, but do not confuse with stubborn tenacity.

Do not give your ideas or not in your convictions, but do not forget that a truth is true in every way and not always worth suffering for certain modes of expression.

And when a wave is stronger than you, crouch, let it pass, wait ... and then, still swimming. Try to become the best you can be.

Many are afraid to reach their potential because they fear encountering a locked door.

This is not the right attitude.

You must develop yourself to yourself best.

Even the smallest person has the greatest potential if you use everything within it.

Today we might ask what is our attitude towards life. Maybe it's time to start to change everything that we can not move or put a stop to our illusions.

Sometimes we are stubborn and do not even try to change a bit and over the years, when we are near the end looking back we say:

- If I had done ... If at that time ... If I had thought ...

Our attitude toward life is one that holds the answer to many of our questions, sometimes just do not see anything, or believe to be fantastic and we prefer to blame the environment and convince us all that happens to us.

All we live in our environment and our circumstances. ..

Environment and circumstances that often are difficult or impossible to change, so that to some extent, we are a little slaves of them. But what if we can change is our attitude to these factors ... We can let ourselves be abated and dominate us ... Or we can triumph over them.

Those who succeed, those who despite all that they put in their path, manage to drink life as it comes, without trouble, those who manage to catch in his hands what really makes sense and leave out everything superfluous, these will found the key ... And they will be holders of happiness.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ophiuchus: The new sign of the Zodiac


How many are the signs of the Zodiac? Answer: 12. Error. That's what I thought until now ordinary mortals, but it seems that no, there is one more than for more than 2,500 years has been obscured by the astrological community to not break the symmetry of their accounts.

Not that there appeared so suddenly. In reality it is evidence that two and a half millennia ago there was talk of the constellation Ophiuchus. What happened is that when the zodiacal signs deal was easier to make the partition between 12 to enter 13.

This 'new' zodiac sign Ophiuchus has the name and under its influence would find all those born between 29 November and 17 December. This constellation say that is located between Scorpio and Sagittarius, about six light years from Earth, and its symbol is a snake.

The news of the existence of Ophiuchus is actually quite old and comes up every time the scientists want to discredit the astrologers and their theories of personality and so on. In 2011 it became fashionable again after the beginning of the year the Minnesota Planetarium publish a report in a local newspaper to ensure that the signs of the zodiac were 13 and 12.

In another moment of history that report would have passed almost unnoticed. However, in the era of social networking such a thing does not escape the rapid spread. Ophiuchus became a recurring theme in social networking forums and jumping into the media.

The news spread like wildfire mental wreaking havoc on those who rely on horoscope predictions. The problem is that if you have in mind for centuries now to any constellation of Ophiuchus the zodiac signs change. They wanted this:

Capricorn: From January 20 to February 16.
Aquarium: From February 16 to March 11.
Pisces: From March 11 to April 18.
Aries: From April 18 to May 13.
Taurus: From May 13 to June 21.
Gemini: From June 21 to July 20.
Cancer: From July 20 to August 10.
Leo: From August 10 to September 16.
Virgo: From September 16 to October 30.
Libra: From October 30 to November 23.
Scorpio: From November 23 to November 29.
Ophiuchus: From November 29 to December 17.
Sagittarius: From December 17 to January 20.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gerson Therapy


Gerson Therapy is a powerful natural treatment that boosts the immune system, so we can cure cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases.

Throughout our lives, our bodies are contaminated with various toxic substances that cause cancer and other diseases.

These toxins reach us through the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medicines we take and the water we drink.

As the use of these toxic substances is increasing day by day, and the incidence of cancer also increases, to use a proven treatment, natural, and detoxifying as Gerson Therapy not only provides peace of mind, it is necessary.

Gerson Therapy is a powerful natural treatment that boosts the immune system, so we can cure cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases.

One aspect that unlike most other treatments is integrative and inclusive nature. Consumed daily thirteen glasses of fresh juices, fruits and vegetables, which provide an abundance of nutrients, enzymes and minerals.

Then these substances break down diseased tissue in the body, while enemas help eliminate the accumulation of a lifetime of toxins in the liver.

With an approach that takes into account the entire body for healing, the Gerson Therapy naturally reactivates the magnificent ability of your body to heal mismosin harmful side effects.

More than 200 articles in respected medical journals, and thousands of people cured of their diseases "incurable", documenting the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy, which is also one of the few treatments with 60 years of success.

Although his philosophy to detoxify and revitalize the body is simple, this is a complex treatment that requires paying close attention to detail.

While many patients have been cured completely using the Gerson therapy alone for best results we recommend starting treatment in a treatment facility licensed by the Gerson Institute.

Gerson Therapy is an advanced and current natural holistic treatment that uses your own body's healing mechanism for the treatment and cure of chronic and debilitating.

When it was introduced by Dr. Max Gerson, this nutritional therapy was so far ahead of its time that almost no explanations of how the scientific literature could achieve cure chronic and infectious diseases.

But because that actually cured many cases of advanced tuberculosis, heart disease, cancer and many less serious diseases, the Gerson Therapy was established as an important contribution to the field of medicine, through articles in academic publications review .

Gerson first published an article related to cancer in 1945, almost 40 years before the adoption of the current official program of diet, nutrition and cancer of the National Cancer Institute of the U.S.

Dr. Max Gerson treated hundreds of patients and further developed and refined his therapy to its Merte in 1959 at the age of 78. His most famous patient was Dr. Albert Schweitzer, whom Gerson cured of advanced diabetes when Schweitzer was 75.

He returned to his hospital in Africa, won the Nobel Prize, and worked until the ninety-odd years. He wrote: "I see in Dr. Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine."

It is rare to find cases of cancer, arthritis or other degenerative diseases in cultures considered "primitive" by Western civilization. Is it due to diet?

This idea is supported by the fact that degenerative diseases appear in these cultures only after the introduction of modern packaged foods and additives.

Dr. Gerson said, "Stay close to nature and its eternal laws will protect you." According to him, degenerative diseases were caused by food, water and air toxic and degraded.

Gerson Therapy seeks to regenerate the body to regain health, supporting each important nutritional requirement flooding the body with nutrients from almost 9 kilos of organic fruits and vegetables.

Most is used to make fresh juice, a glass per hour, 13 times per day. Consumed generous amounts of raw and cooked solid foods.

In general, oxygenation appears to be double or more, as the deficiency of oxygen in the blood contributes to the development of many degenerative diseases.

Metabolism is also stimulated by the addition of thyroid supplements, potassium supplements, and others, and avoiding heavy animal fats, excess protein, sodium and other toxins.

Degenerative diseases leave the body increasingly unable to excrete wastes adequately, commonly resulting in liver and kidney failure.

To prevent this, the Gerson Therapy uses intensive detoxification to eliminate wastes, regenerate the liver, boost the immune system and restore the body's essential defenses â € "enzyme systems, minerals and hormones.

With a generous and high nutritional quality, increased oxygen availability, detoxification, and improved metabolism, cells â € "and the body â €" can regenerate, heal, and prevent future illness.

No treatment works for everyone, every time. If someone tells you otherwise is not telling the facts as they are. We know that when you have been diagnosed with an illness that puts his life at stake, choosing the best strategy to combat this disease can be a bewildering task.

All claim to have "the best treatment," "faster cure" or "the only treatment that works." In most cases, the physician chosen by his family has only knowledge of conventional treatments, I know, or is hostile to holistic options.

You can hear many options to deal with his illness, but his is the decision of what to do, what treatment you choose, and be comfortable with your choice.

Choose the treatment that seems more reasonable.

Most therapies, conventional or alternative treat only individual symptoms, ignoring what is actually causing the disease.

Gerson Therapy is effective for many different diseases because it restores the body's amazing ability to heal itself. Rather than treating only the symptoms of a particular disease, this therapy is the very cause of the disease.

Although we believe that the Gerson Therapy is the most comprehensive and complete treatment for the disease, not saying that will cure everything or everyone.

Although the Gerson Institute has no handle any medical facility, refer patients to clinics that are licensed by the Gerson Institute to provide the Gerson Therapy.

If you want to do the treatment at home, set your entry to a clinic, or just have questions about the therapy, we invite you to contact us.

Warning: Do not start the Gerson Therapy without the supervision of a trained in this therapy if any of these conditions:

Brain metastases
Severe renal impairment
Foreign bodies such as pacemakers, breast implants, metal plates or screws.
Patients should be able to eat, drink and eliminate normally. Gerson Therapy can not be given to transplant recipients.


The juices are an essential component of the Gerson Therapy. To ensure reliable results, the patient will need to buy a juicer Gerson appropriate. Dr. Gerson's research indicates that cancer patients should have a jugera in two stages with a separate grinder and hydraulic press.

Usually a stage blenders do not produce the same quality of enzyme content, mineral or micronutrient, and some patients have not achieved results simply by not using proper blender.

We do not recommend using any centrifugal juicer. They can be used to maintain health or non-cancer diagnoses.

The Gerson Institute maintains a list of people who have used juicers for sale. Contact us for a copy of this list.

The diet

The Gerson diet is naturally high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micronutrients, extremely low in sodium and fat and high in liquids.

The following is a typical day in the diet of a patient carrying the full therapy Gerson:

Thirteen glasses of fresh juices, carrot / apple and green leafy vegetables, prepared every hour with organic fruits and vegetables.

Three full vegetarian meals prepared with organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A typical meal includes salad, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, vegetable soup and juice.

Fresh fruits and fresh fruit desserts available at all times as a snack or snacks, in addition to the regular diet.

All drugs used as part of the Gerson therapy are classified as biological materials of organic origin are administered in therapeutic amounts.

Potassium compound
Lugol solution
Vitamin B-12
Thyroid hormones
Injectable crude liver extract
Pancreatic enzymes
Coffee enemas and / or chamomile

A very important part of the Gerson Therapy is frequent detoxification of tissues and blood. This is accomplished in several ways, mainly through the use of coffee enemas. The scientific basis of the use of coffee enemas is well documented, and may ask the Gerson Institute.

Patients report that enemas reduce pain and speed healing. From a biological standpoint, it stimulates the enzyme systems of the gut wall and liver, and increases the flow of bile.

It has been shown that it improves the body's ability to remove toxic waste ambientaal origin, chemotherapeutic, and other sources.

Also, tumors and other diseased tissues are removed to be degraded more rapidly.

Other methods of detoxification include castor oil, used as a traditional bile flow stimulant and as another way to improve the liver's ability to filter blood.

Additionally, digestive enzymes are used to enhance the absorption of nutrients and to assist in the removal of damaged tissue.

Patients should have a complete understanding of the Gerson therapy to continue effectively with the regime at home. Below are examples of educational opportunities in a typical licensed Gerson clinic:

Doctors and educators trained in Gerson Therapy provide lectures and training on the reactions that can occur during the healing and the use of drugs

Charlotte Gerson and / or other senior staff members of the Gerson Institute give lectures on the theory and practice of the Gerson Therapy on scientific explanations and relevant research.

Instruction and demonstrations of the use of blenders of two parts, media type, such as the Norwalk and K & K.

Footage of Charlotte Gerson talks, other members of Gerson Institute staff, and physicians trained in Gerson Therapy, available at all times.

Regular consultations and customized with your therapist Gerson about the specifics of your condition and any necessary changes in treatment. These consultations can get answers to specific questions you may have.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

You are always what you think

Be very careful what you're thinking now, be sure you're setting up right now and create your life with your thoughts.

Everything that exists out there first was thought to be expressed later, so it's crucial meditation, because through this, you're always in control and decide to think and what not.

If you think you're a loser you have all the reason in the world, your life will always attract negative events that will leave you at a disadvantage, if instead you think positively you're a successful man, your path will appear in new opportunities for advancement, are open doors that you never suspected you could open so easily and so in all areas and spheres of our lives.

To learn how to think positive you must first let go of the past with all the wake of conflicts, memories, feelings of guilt, resentment, among other feelings and emotions that always accompany

Alpas no one can return to complete some pending, or fix anything because the past no longer exists, the morning or in the future, then there has not arrived, the only real, absolutely real is the here and now, and it is at this very moment must act in a sensible way and return to the thoughts, no thinking for you, it is impossible, you have to consciously decide to what are the thoughts you think you're going to allow for these will go to a special place called Mind Subconsciously, this is where the plane remains in your life, this mind is in charge of your heart beat, your lungs breathing ..

But it is also responsible for the universe to send the orders you give THROUGH your conscious mind through your thoughts for you and always return concretized and materialized in the physical plane, so you are the architect of your life, you are what you think, everything that is happening right now in your life your atraistes it, you are solely responsible for ensuring that your life is an eternal agony or a true paradise. You decide.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Steps to make good Thai massage


The contents of this post can be considered as the key to an effective massage - "the heart of the issue."

Without this, a mechanical massage only become a "technique" with very little benefit. If, before the massage, the giver can familiarize yourself with the following principles and briefly explain to the recipient, then make the experience more enriching.

The key elements of a good massage are as follows.

Both the donor and the recipient must stay focused mentally in the present moment as much as possible. Try to absorb and experience the massage effect without falling on concerns about the future, or without thinking about the past. Verbal communication should be minimal.

The discussion of serious issues, or even chat, you should avoid. If both parties are willing, can recite a prayer or meditate for a few minutes before the massage, usually, it helps calm the mind.

Each press of either the thumbs, palms, knees or feet, should be slow, but steady, with a fluid motion. Using body weight, the donor must rely on each thrust slowly.

When sufficient pressure is applied, the therapist must maintain the pressure for about 5 seconds counting from one to five or mentally reciting words in a sentence in the manner in which the meditator recites his "mantra" while meditating. Once done, release the pressure slowly and go to the next point.

Before applying pressure, each time, the donor should take a breath slowly and deeply, then exhale slowly while lean forward. As pressure is applied, it helps if the giver displays its "vital energy", which is at a point about one and a half inches below your navel in the center of the abdominal region, flowing up through your chest , arms and hands and permeates the body of the receiver.

This image of "life energy" can take any shape or color that feels right for the donor, such as a white fog, or bright light, or heat waves that flow slowly exhale when the giver and lobbies . This display will intensify the positive effects of massage.

To further improve the flow of this energy of life, the donor should also try to keep both hands touching the receiver all the time, as far as possible, to create a "power circuit" with the hands as positive and negative terminals. The concept of "life energy" is commonly accepted in Eastern cultures. The Chinese and the Japanese call it "Chi" or "Ki", ​​while the Indians and Thais refer to as "Prana".

It is believed, according to Oriental medical theory that health is the result of the unrestricted flow of life energy and that the disease occurs when the flow is blocked or obstructed. One of the main objectives of the massage is to restore vital energy flow in the body.

The speed and rate of movement should be slow, uniform and once the donor continuo.Una puts his hands on the recipient's body, try to maintain contact throughout the session, otherwise the flow of play be interrupted. The slowness and smoothness of motion will also have a hypnotic and relaxing effect on the receiver.

The receiver should keep their eyes closed, its focus on the massage experience. Without the visual perception, the sense of touch is most acute. Once the donor has memorized all the techniques and principles, then the massage will be most effective. In some cases it may also help if the donor closes his eyes, while giving the massage. The focus will be more concentrated and sensitivity to the recipient's reaction will increase. In some Eastern countries such as Japan or Taiwan, there are many blind massage practitioners.

When the recipient feels the pressure, especially in the areas of the back or abdomen, you should exhale. If you inhale while pushing down the giver will create resistance and discomfort. Even better for the receiver will display as stress, negative thoughts and feelings flow out and dissipate with each exhalation.

The donor will not feel tense and tired if he or she learns to use your body weight without tensing your shoulders, arms or manos.Con excessive tension on the donor, the recipient feel uncomfortable pressure, so the donor should always pay attention to your state of relaxation and keep breathing at a slow, deep and regular throughout the session.

Tell the receiver is always free to provide feedback on speed, pace and amount of pressure to which the donor can be adjusted to fit the need or preference of the recipient. During the massage, if the recipient feels the need to express feelings through sounds such as sighs, should be encouraged to do so. These reactions are natural ways to release tension and only increase the massage effect.

After the massage, the recipient should not be lifted immediately and participate in strenuous activities, but rest quietly for a few minutes to fully absorb the effects of massage and appreciate the feeling of comfort and tranquility.

When all the techniques and principles (the "spirit") massage mastered, and then during the massage, both the donor and recipient must have a sense of interpersonal harmony. Giver and receiver are far apart, but in a state of confluence, a continuous flow of life energy. This state is considered the ideal massage experience to a level that should always be